Group Member Companies

Bonafarm Agriculture

In the spirit of our commitment to the food industry, Bonafarm Agriculture was established within the Bonafarm Group in 2013, where we take care of our animals and their feed, as well as produce high-quality raw materials for our food processing member companies and partners.

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Bonafarm Zrt.

Bonafarm Zrt. is responsible for the development of the group-level strategy, for the exploitation of synergies as well as for the performance of shared tasks. As an equal ranking member of the Group it facilitates cooperation among the group members by fulfilling an advisory role.

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BonOffice Kft.

BonOffice Pénzügyi és Kontrolling Szolgáltató Kft. provides integrated financial, accounting, taxation, controlling, payroll accounting and other administrative services for its customers.

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Csányi Pincészet Zrt.

Our vineyards are to be found on the best slopes of the Villány wine region. Our winery has one of the best equipped laboratories in Hungary. We produce 2.2 million bottles of wine each year.

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MCS Vágóhíd Zrt.

The abattoir in Mohács is one of Hungary’s most up-to-date pig slaughterhouses. The abattoir, of a total floor area of 26,000 m2, functions as a slaughtering, boning, cutting and packaging plant, with a workforce of nearly 700.

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Pick Szeged Zrt.

Pick Szeged Zrt. has the longest and richest history in the Group, founded as a family business by Márk Pick in 1869. More than 150 years have passed since, and it is today one of Hungary’s, indeed, Central Europe’s largest meat processing companies.

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Sole-Mizo Zrt.

Sole-Mizo Zrt. is Hungary’s market leading dairy company, boasting the widest product range in this country. In our four plants in Szeged, Bácsbokod, Marcali and Csorna we employ 1200 people and process more than 400 million litres of milk each year.

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Strategic partner

Hungerit Zrt.

(strategic partner)

Hungerit Zrt. is one of the oldest participants of the poultry processing and poultry meat product manufacturing sector in Hungary. The company processes 21 million broiler chickens, 11 million broiler ducks and 300 thousand broiler geese, manufacturing 66,000 tonnes of finished products, each year.
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