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The activities of the Bonafarm Group is made even more varied by the hunting and related catering operations in Bóly, as well as fisheries and game management at Dalmand.


Our 39,000 hectares of hunting grounds at Bóly, an area covered by forests and patches of reeds, are rich in red deer, roe deer, wild boar and small game species. Our principle is controlled protective hunting and professional game management, as a result of which the sound of the hunters’ horn is heard many times each year in the yard of our hunters’ lodge at Békáspuszta, in honour of red deer and roe deer stags with excellent, strong antlers, shot by hunters in our area.

Thanks to the outstanding genetic value of our red deer population our hunting ground enjoys a special purpose status in the Southern Transdanubia Region. Our expertise and reputation has been proven and enhanced by a considerable number of superior, high-score trophies, of outstanding weights, even by international comparison; we aim to keep up both our expertise and our reputation for many years to come.

In our hunting areas we pay careful attention to maintaining a balance between agricultural production and game populations, therefore we organise drive hunts several times a year and plan the annual bag (total number of animals to be shot) accordingly. The aim is that up to 1400 red deer, 350 roe deer and some 950 wild boars be bagged in each hunting season.
Our premium category services, the abundance of game and our elegant high standard 13-room four-star Békáspuszta Hunting Lodge with its rustic atmosphere, are highly popular among discerning hunting guests. Indeed, in addition to hunting we offer other programmes for families all the year round.


Kovács Tamara, hunting office manager

Phone: +36 20/439-51-43

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Our hunting division in Dalmand is engaged in game management on an area of 3855 hectares at Alsópél puszta. This is also an area with superior red deer and fallow deer populations as well a very good roe deer population. Large numbers of wild boars are to be found in the area during the growing season.
Thanks to its topography, patches of arable lands and forests, the area is highly variable, therefore, although this hunting ground is not very extensive in terms of size, up to 400 big game animals are bagged here each year. Some red deer and fallow deer stags with superior trophies are shot here year after year. We organise two drive hunts every year during which up to 50 animals are bagged. Guests are welcome in our small hunting lodge, with a homely, family atmosphere.


Sándor Németh, head of game management division

Phone: +36 70/505-85-20

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