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Crop production

Manufacturing the best possible products takes the use of impeccable raw materials.

We grow a variety of crops on a total of 34 thousand hectares of the highest quality arable land, producing the raw material base for our feed manufacturing operations. Our highly skilled employees use cutting-edge technologies and technical/professional solutions in crop production to make sure that we can harvest large quantities of the highest quality produce year after year. The crops we grow on our fields include cereals, maize, rape and a variety of other plant species primarily ones for industrial purposes.

hectares of arable land
tonnes of winter wheat each year
tonnes of maize each year

Procurement of produce

Procurement of produce during harvest time is one of the Group’s priorities.. The produce is cleaned and dried at our plants in Ács, Mohács, Pálháza, Dalmand and Középhídvég. Produce is procured by Agroprodukt Zrt., Bóly Zrt., Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft. and Dalmand Zrt.

Our plants’ contact details:

Nagyigmánd, Ács:
Mihály Szende, Vargáné Bartal Emília
+36 34/557 028
Kövér András, Barta Istvánné
+36 56/552 711
Mihály Szende
+36 34/557 028
Fogarasi János
Zerényi Jenő
+36 70/442 0630                       +36 30/324 7563
Mohács (Törökdomb, Görcsöny):

The prices are valid from 09.10.2021 until the next price disclosure.

Site Produce procurement price, HUF/t, DDP parity (in the case of primary agricultural producers + compensation surcharge)
Barley Wheat Maize Soybean Triticale
Ács 85.000
Dalmand / Középhídvég
Mohács (Törökdomb, Görcsöny)

The price paid for maize purchased at Ács is a price that applies to grain as clean and as wet as it comes off the harvester, from which service fees are subtracted (in accordance with the contract concerned).

The prices are valid until withdrawal.

The produce is delivered by the farmers at their cost (DPP parity) on the basis of prior agreement.

Those wishing to agree on specific individual terms are advised to contact the above contact persons.

Our Contract Terms and Conditions

General Contract Terms and Conditions (GCTC) for the procurement of produce

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