Trading activity

We have created a separate Directorate of Trade within Bonafarm Mezőgazdaság, overarching and connecting our agricultural divisions. The purpose of the organisation is to raise the standards of the supply of our feed production and improve the efficiency of our produce and feed trading operations by professional strategic planning and by effective and efficient implementation of the plans.

In addition to trading activities the directorate also helps selling our own produce and products in the best possible quality and with the best possible conditions.

Our produce and feed raw material trading division is responsible for the raw material supply of our feed manufacturing operations, in the context of which we trade in produce besides the sale of our own-produced agricultural produce, maize and soybean products.

The primary objectives of our input trading and contract production division include input supplies for Bonafarm Mezőgazdaság and its partners, purchasing, and wholesale and retail trading in, chemicals used in agriculture and sowing seeds, as well as the organisation of the production of crops and livestock under contracts, and integration.

The movement of goods is coordinated, and information flows are ensured, by our logistics division, which also supports the storage and drying plants belonging to the agricultural division and operates the Danube Port and the Véménd Mill. As a result of the division’s extensive operations we can store cereals, oil seeds, raw materials for feed manufacturing and goods on pallets – with a storage capacity of nearly 200,000 tonnes – in five counties at 15 plants, where we provide our partners with storage, manipulation and procurement services as well.

The maize mill at Véménd produces flours and groats of maize produced in Hungary, for use in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacture of animal feeds. Although most of our products are sold in Hungary, we are proud to sell our output to Scandinavia and even South-Africa.