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Pork is the most essential traditional raw material of what is known as Hungarian cuisine.

The traditional Hungarian pork dishes have an unparalleled gastronomical value guaranteeing a virtually unsurpassable experience of tastes and flavours. They are an indispensable element of a balanced and healthy diet because they provide a wide variety of essential vitamins, minerals, animal fats and proteins, many of which the human body cannot synthesise itself.

40 kilotonnes
of meat products
top quality
pork as raw material

The bulk of the key raw material required for our products – premium quality pork – is supplied by our strategic partner MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. With its strictly controlled slaughtering activity the abattoir guarantees that only meat and other raw materials of animal origin that are fully in conformity to our animal health and food safety requirements – which are even more exacting than the applicable legal requirements – can enter the manufacturing process. We produce nearly 40 thousand tonnes of meat products of impeccable quality each year from pork as input material. Wide varieties of our meat products of a unique world of tastes and flavours – ranging from Bologna sausage type products through hams and liver products to our emblematic “Téliszalámi”, a product of a 150-year history – are available not only in Hungary but also in export markets.

Together with our strategic partner Mohács abattoir we cover the entire meat product chain from slaughtering livestock to wholesale and retail trading in meat products, of which each process is monitored by Bonafarm Group’s quality management system, guaranteeing product safety and traceability from livestock farms to store shelves.

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