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kilotonnes of salami
kilotonnes of other meat products

Pick Szeged Zrt. has the longest and richest history in the Group, started as a family business by Márk Pick in 1869. More than 150 years have passed since, and it is one of Hungary’s, indeed, Central Europe’s largest meat processing companies today.

The key to the continued success is in the technical knowledge handed down through generations and in an unconditional commitment to quality. We tend to, and build, our well-known brands in view of old and new values – PICK, HERZ and Família – that stand for, in their respective product categories, the highest quality for all of our consumers.

The bulk of the key raw material required for our products – premium quality pork – is supplied by our strategic partner MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. By way of its strictly controlled slaughtering activity the abattoir guarantees that only meat and other raw materials of animal origin that are fully in conformity with our animal health and food safety requirements – which are even more exacting than the applicable Hungarian legal requirements – can enter the manufacturing process. This pork is the input material for nearly 40 thousand tonnes of meat products, of unmatched tastes and flavours and impeccable quality, each year. More than 30% of our sales revenue comes from exports. Hungary is our most important market but we also sell our meat products across Europe, where Germany is our most important export market.

At our Szeged plants we produce salamis with and without mould, hot dog sausages, Bologna type products, cold cuts and liver products, in Baja we manufacture hams and bacons while our plant in Alsómocsolád we produce sausages and salamis without mould. Together with our strategic partner Mohács abattoir we cover the entire meat product chain from slaughtering livestock to wholesale and retail trading in meat products, of which each process is monitored by Bonafarm Group’s quality management system, guaranteeing product safety and traceability from livestock farms to store shelves.

In addition to satisfying our consumers’ requirements our most important strategic goal is continuous development of our manufacturing technology, with a special focus on environmental protection. To ensure environmentally conscious and sustainable operation we pay particular attention to the protection of water quality and saving water in our processes, to making sure that the waste output is adequately treated, to protecting air quality and preferring energy saving technical solutions.

Our brands and products

In addition to preserving our traditions we aim to continue with improvements and developments to make sure that our brand products, providing special and unique consumer experience, stand for quality and reliability on both the domestic and the international markets. Our well-known brands, PICK, HERZ and Família offer both premium products catering for the most discerning consumers’ requirements, and meat products of impeccable quality for day-to-day consumption. We always pay particular attention to making sure that our products are as delicious as possible.

Our key product, the winter salami called PICK Téliszalámi, dating back to more than 150 years, is a special Hungaricum with its inimitable world of tastes and flavours. Its unmistakeable aroma comes from the original recipe, unchanged since 1869, the premium input materials and the traditional smoking-curing procedure that takes nearly 100 days to complete, as well as the salami-master’s care and attention. We sell nearly 9 million whole salamis each year, making it a leading product on the domestic market. PICK Téliszalámi is exported to 30 countries, from Japan to the USA.

In addition to Téliszalámi the PICK brand is also a market leader in branded salami, Bologna sausage and snack sausage segments, and with its PICKOLINO hot dog sausage the company’s position in the hot dog sausage market is growing stronger by the day.

The strength of the PICK brand is clearly reflected by the fact that we have won the Superbrands and the MagyarBrands awards year after year since their establishment. According to the results of a representative public opinion poll conducted by the VMLY&R advertising agency in 2019 this is the 3rd strongest brand in Hungary.


Família is our family brand of a wide product range for consumers going for guaranteed high quality meat products at favourable prices. The Família price level, the wide range of meat products and the quality guaranteed by the Bonafarm Group aims to serve this consumer segment.

The most important prizes and recognitions:

  • 2019, PICK is the 3rd strongest Hungarian brand – PICK (VMLY&R survey)
  • Superbrands Award – PICK, Herz (16th time)
  • Magyarbrands Award – PICK, HERZ (9th time)
  • 2018 Mentes-M competition – category first – HERZ Vital E-additive free deli salami
  • 2017 Special award for the most attractive employer – Randstad Award (FMCG sector)
  • 2016 Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize – special recognition of the innovation in the technology of the manufacturing of PICKSTICK Snack.
  • 2014 Hungaricum recognition of the Classic Téliszalámi products of PICK and HERZ
  • 1992 Foodapest – Grand Prix
  • 1978 Szeged Industry Fair – Grand Prize
  • 1958 Brussels World Exhibition – HERZ Téliszalámi Grand Prize
  • 1935 Brussels World Exhibition – PICK Téliszalámi diploma of recognition
  • 1927 Thessaloniki – diploma of recognition for PICK’s internationally recognised quality
  • 1900 Paris World Exhibition – PICK bronze medal, HERZ grand prize
  • 1896 Budapest Millennium World Exhibition – HERZ Téliszalámi grand prize
  • 1888 General art, industry, product and animal exhibition in Pécs – PICK gold medal for “progress and finishing”

Our certified quality management and food safety systems:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IFS
  • BRC


Pick Szeged Zrt.

H-6725 Szeged, Szabadkai út 18.
Telephone: +36 62 567-000
E-mail: titkarsag@pick.hu


Tamás Lengl
Operating Deputy CEO

Tamás Lengl

  • Bonafarm Zrt. –Operating Deputy CEO (since 2019)

Previous work experience

  • MiZo-Baranyatej Zrt. – Controller (1997-1998)
  • MiZo-Baranyatej Zrt. – Sales Manager (1998-2001)
  • MiZo-Baranyatej Zrt. – Director of Logistics (2001-2005)
  • Pécsi Brewing Zrt. – Director of Logistics (2005-2006)
  • Sole-MiZo Zrt – Director of Logistics (2006-2007)
  • Rem-Bó Kft. – Managing Director (2007-2013)
  • Bóly Zrt. – Manager of Poultry Sector (2008-2013)
  • Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft. – CEO (2013-2019)
  • MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. – CEO (2019-2023)


  • Janus Pannonius University – Economist Master’s Degree (1991-1997)

Professional advocacy or position in other organisations

  • Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture – National Delegate (since 2019)

Tibor Orosz
Logistics Director

Lajos Heltai
Director for Production

Adrienn Haluska
Director of QA and PD

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Cím: 6725 Szeged, Szabadkai út 18.
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