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Our livestock deserve the best of everything therefore in addition to being reared in a caring environment on farms of high animal welfare standards, we provide them with the best possible feed every day of the year.

This is achieved by our feed division where products are manufactured from premium raw materials, in accordance with requirements determined by up-to-date genetics as well as the specific livestock keeping technology applied by each farm, based on the results of our own research activities. Our feed products help our partners’ and our own animal farms deliver outstanding production ratios in livestock production.

With its products manufactured under the brand name Bábolna Takarmány, Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft. is Hungary’s leading feed manufacturer and distributor. We manufacture more than 440,000 tonnes of feed each year, accounting for more than 14% of Hungary’s total feed output. Our 1000+ different products provide a reliable foundation for effective and efficient livestock feeding not only for the members of our Group but also our domestic and foreign partners.


Up to 850 resellers and producers are involved in the sale of Bábolna Takarmány products through more than 1500 points of sale, making up by far the most extensive network of its kind in Hungary. We operate a total of 10 plants at six different locations across Hungary (Nagyigmánd, Zalacséb, Újszász, Mohács, Dalmand, Pápa-Pálháza). The distribution of our plants provides an unparalleled geographical coverage, through which we can reach our domestic partners as well as our customers outside the borders of Hungary.

Our feed products are manufactured under strict feed safety requirements, with fully traceable manufacturing procedures.


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