About Bonafarm Group

From A to Z

Food manufacturers today must produce large quantities of products of impeccable quality and they have to do so safely and competitively. These are serious challenges to which the right solutions always have to be found locally, through effective and efficient utilisation of the available resources. This was our aim when we built up one of the region’s largest, vertically integrated food companies, where we use our best efforts to make sure that every single phase of the production – from raw materials to finished products – is coordinated and supervised by ourselves, thereby ensuring the most high quality, innovative products with unmistakable tastes and flavours for our consumers.

Old passions, new values

All of our predecessors were pioneers in their respective areas, who probably did not even know that they were setting standards for generations to come.

Every single brand has its own history. Origins, success stories, requirements to be met may and do vary but the goals are the same across the board. These are shared objectives towards which it is worth making efforts, just the way we are doing, as thanks to the Bonafarm Group these success stories have been based on a common plot since 2009.

New requirements and demands have been and are cropping up year after year and we use our best efforts to perfectly understand and meet them as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, we think we can do better than just responding to our consumers’ expectations. One of the secrets of the Group lies in the coordinated brands. More than 8400 skilled and qualified employees work to the highest standards at our five agricultural and three food processing companies as well as two strategic partners, in a coordinated effort to make sure that our consumers always finish their meals fully satisfied. We focus on continuously improving and developing our products and production processes. We aim at transparent operations at all levels of the manufacturing process, paying particular attention to food safety and sustainability alike. This is how our brands’ reliable and delicious products of deserved popularity both in the domestic and the international markets are born.

Bonafarm in agriculture

Bonafarm Mezőgazdaság was established in the spirit of our commitment to agriculture and food in 2013 as a new member of the Group, where skilled and experienced farmers take care of and feed our livestock, producing top quality raw materials for our food processing members and our partners. Our employees’ expertise, long years’ of experience and the use of cutting edge technology enable our agricultural operations to produce the maximum possible output in all circumstances.


Palpable proof of passion and expertise

The popularity of our products hinges on their invariably excellent quality and our attention to our consumers, whereby we guarantee that they enjoy every bite of our products. Their manufacture is based on a combination of our traditions, innovation and adherence to the strictest food safety regulations, making sure that the values we stand for are to be found in every slice of salami, every piece of cheese, every glass of wine…

hectares of arable land
fattening pigs
tonnes of meat products

Today’s story is tomorrow’s history

The Group’s aim is none other than to become a reliable key participant of the domestic agroeconomy and food industry for decades to come: to supply the consumers of both Hungary and the neighbouring countries with fresh domestic food; to provide devoted professionals and workers with a stable livelihood and an inspiring environment to drive development while at the same time to rely on our ever-increasing knowledge and developing technologies to become the most successful food industry group in the East-Central-European region.

The most important milestones of our history

Csányi Pincészet Zrt. joins the Group
Mizo (brand)
 Dalmand Zrt. joins the Group
Délhús (brand)
Fiorács Kft. joins the Group
Pick & Ringa (brand)
Sole (brand)
Bóly Zrt. joins the Group
Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft. also comes on board
Bonafarm Zrt. is established
Herz (brand)
MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. (Strategic partner)
Agroprodukt Zrt. and its subsidiaries also join
Hungerit Zrt. (Strategic partner)

Our Quality Policy

Our strict quality management and food safety control system, the knowledge and experience of our expert employees as well as our unflagging commitment to quality in all of our operations ensure that our products meet both our buyers’ expectations and the relevant legal requirements.

We determine our quality policy at the Group level.  Click here to see our quality policy.