Sowing seed production

The highest level of agricultural crop production is sowing seed production, from the aspect of technology and expertise. It is not a coincidence therefore that sowing seed production is a traditional, strong pillar of Bonafarm Mezőgazdaság.

Quality requirements are growing more and more exacting along with the changing, and increasing number of species and varieties to be processed – seed dressing, including with insecticides, as well as the attractive appearance of sowing seeds and quicker and more efficient processing are also growing in importance.

The success and reliability of our work is ensured by our own laboratory: up-to-date equipment and the continuously updated knowledge and expertise of our technicians are indispensable for the establishment and rating of the genetic, biological and technical value of the sowing seeds. Thanks to our laboratory-sized cleaning machines we are capable of rating raw sowing seeds, selecting and controlling the most suitable cleaning technology as well as of rating sowing seeds prepared for packaging and sealing.

The production of hybrid maize is a particularly important segment of our sowing seed production. The hybrids grown at Bóly – maize, sunflower and rape – are sold on both the domestic market and on markets all over the world through the major international variety owners.

Besides various sowing seeds the other conventional pillar of our division’s operations is growing table pea sowing seeds.

We lay emphasis on the continuous development of our crop production machines, processing technologies and the skills and expertise of our workers. We pay particular attention to full compliance with the strict technical/professional requirements applying to the production of sowing seeds to ensure that we really produce the best possible products for the consumers.

Our main sowing seed products:

  • hybrid maize sowing seeds
  • hybrid sunflower sowing seeds
  • rape sowing seeds
  • winter barley and winter wheat sowing seeds