Field crop production

In addition to producing various crops as the first stage of the food chain, we also produce crops for feed for our livestock. This is how we can ensure that they are provided with the highest quality feeds, rich in nutrients, made from raw materials of the best possible quality, tailored to their respective diets.

Since our crop production division supplies input for sowing seed processing, feed manufacture and livestock production alike, we can be sure that all of the divisions so supplied use suitable raw materials.

Thanks to their geographical and ecological conditions our arable lands are highly suitable for the production of high quality sowing seeds and raw materials for food. We use state-of-the-art technologies, varieties and hybrids, cultivating our soils applying the so-called soil conserving – non-inversion – tillage, making sure to maintain their fertility.

By adopting the methods of precision farming we minimise our environmental impact and utilise the available ecological potential, creating treatment units within our fields. We are continuously reducing our environmental impact by precise raw material supplies and minimising the use of crop protection products.

Crops grown and produced under contracts:

  • winter wheat
  • hybrid maize
  • winter oil seed rape
  • maize for feed
  • alfalfa
  • hybrid rape
  • silage maize
  • meadow
  • winter barle
  • oat
  • grass mixture
  • spring barley
  • sunflower for industrial processing
  • hybrid sunflower