Bonafarm Agriculture

In the spirit of our commitment to the food industry, Bonafarm Agriculture was established within the Bonafarm Group in 2013, where we take care of our animals and their feed, as well as produce high-quality raw materials for our food processing member companies and partners.

Agroprodukt Zrt. and its subsidiaries

The 5 companies making up the Agroproduct Group joined the Bonafarm Group in June 2017. The acquisition enhanced Bonafarm Mezőgazdaság’s crop and livestock production operations added some new divisions to the existing ones.

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Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft.

Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft’s core operation is the manufacture – as well as distribution in Hungary and abroad – of feed premixes and finished feed products for all farm animals and pets.

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Bóly Zrt.

Bóly Zrt’s profitable operations are based on utilising the favourable conditions and resources of its area, on its capability of continuous renewal and the application of cutting-edge technologies.

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Dalmand Zrt.

Dalmand Zrt’s legal predecessor was established in 1949 on the former Eszterházy and Magyar Királyi (Hungarian Royal) Stud Farms. As a member of the Bonafarm Group it has, since 2003, been one of the largest and best known agricultural producers in Hungary, today with a nearly 250-strong workforce.

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Fiorács Kft.

Fiorács Kft. has grown to be one of the largest pig farming company of the Group and Hungary. The company’s output is nearly 300,000 slaughter pigs, providing, inter alia, Pick Szeged Zrt. with premium quality input material. This is yet another important chapter in the story of the Group’s top quality food products.

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