Fiorács Kft.

~ 130
~ 300.000
fattened pigs sold

Fiorács Kft. has grown to be one of the largest pig farming company of the Group and Hungary. The company’s output is nearly 300,000 slaughter pigs, providing, inter alia, MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. with premium quality input material. This is yet another important chapter in life of the group.

Our company with its headquarters in Ács, was founded in 1991 by Fiorucci S.p.A. and Egyetértés Termelőszövetkezet, a cooperative operating in Ács, with the partners’ equal shares of ownership. The company’s name is a combination of the name of the Italian company and the name of the village of Ács. In 2003 the Italian shareholder sold its stake in Fiorács Kft.

The company has been a member of the Bonafarm Group since 2004 and today it is one of Hungary’s largest pig producers with a workforce of 130. At our six farms we keep a total of 4500 commercial sows, while with the help of our 2 sow integration partners and more than 100 partners fattening pigs under contracts we produce nearly 300,000 pigs for slaughter by MCS Vágóhíd Zrt.


Fiorács Kft.

H-2941 Ács,
Fő u. 43.
Tel: +36/34-385-677
Fax: +36/34-386-157


Tibor Nagy
Managing Director

Tibor Nagy

  • Fiorács Kft. – Managing Director (since 2012)

Previous work expereience

  • Budapest Company for Geodesy and Topography – Figurant (1977-1978)
  • Red Flag Agricultural Producing Cooperative, Hajdúszoboszló – Cattle Site Manager (1981-1984)
  • New Life Agricultural Producing Cooperative, Mezőnyárád – Cattle Site Manager (1984-1986)
  • HAGE Zrt., Nádudvar – Pig Farming Shift Supervisor, then Site Manager (1986-2004)
  • Vitamex Kft., Székesfehérvár – Regional Representative (2004-2009)
  • Bóly Zrt. – Manager of Pig Farming Sector (2009-2012)
  • Bóly Zrt. – Director of Pig Farming Sector (since 2012)


  • DATE Faculty of Livestock Management, Hódmezővásárhely – Livestock Engineer (1978-1981)

Professional advocacy or position in other organisations

  • MSTSZ – Member of the Board (since 2016)
  • VHT – Vice-Chairman (since 2018)



Gábor Bakó
Head of Pig Integration

Gábor Bakó

  • Fiorács Kft.  – Head of Pig Integration (since 2017)

Previous work experience

  • Hód-Mezőgazda Zrt. – Shift Manager (1996-2003)
  • ATEK Kft. Heves – Production Manager (2003-2004)
  • Sári Individual Company – Site Manager (2004-2007)
  • Alha-Vet Kft. – Head of Tools and Equipment Division (2007-2008)
  • Galina Investment Kft. – Managing Director (2014-2017)


  • DATE Faculty of Livestock Breeding, Hódmezővásárhely – Agricultural engineer (1993-1996)

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Cím: 2900 Komárom-Szőny, Külterület 0317/1 hrsz.

Sárbogárdi sertéstelep

Cím: 7632 Sárbogárd

Ács-Likócspusztai sertéstelep

Cím: 2941 Ács-Likócs

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Cím: 8183 Papkeszi, Külterület 043/1;2 hrsz.

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Cím: Bana

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Cím: Ács-Újmajor

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Cím: Ács-Csillapuszta


Cím: 2941 Ács, Fő út 43.
Telefon: +36 34 385-677