Dalmand Zrt.

~ 220
hectares of arable land
190 thousand
fattened pigs sold

Dalmand Zrt’s legal predecessor was established in 1949 on the former Eszterházy and Magyar Királyi (Hungarian Royal) Stud Farms. A member of the Bonafarm Group since 2003, one of the largest and most well known agricultural producers in Hungary.

In addition to the production of conventional crop products (winter wheat, maize, oil seeds) the company’s key activities also include the production of sowing seeds and vegetables for canning, grown on irrigated fields. We have a total of 8,800 hectares of arable land, 950 hectares of which can be irrigated.

The dominant branch of our livestock production operations is pig farming. We operate one of Hungary’s most up-to-date nucleus pig farm with 1500 sows, supplying the group’s own and integrated pig farms’ breeding sow stocks with breeding gilts free of the eight diseases that can cause major economic losses. We have a newly built commercial pig farm with a capacity of 1500 sows. We also operate a new boar farm, with a capacity of 200, supplying the entire group with propagation material as well as providing nearly a third of the total domestic pig propagation material supply. Our company produces nearly 190,000 fattened pigs on its own farms and at the integrated businesses. We also have a system of fish ponds of a nearly 260 hectare total area. We are also engaged in forest management and game management, on 1,930 hectares and 3,855 hectares, respectively.

Certificates, prizes:

  • Product Prize Competition for Hungarian Agriculture: 1st position (Nutrient application technology based on slurry)
  • Innovation Grand Prize for water saving irrigation and fish farming developments
  • Greennovation Grand Prize – Complex water and soil fertility management in Dalmand Zrt’s irrigated cultures
  • Hungarian Maize Club Production Competition: outstanding results, national and regional top positions


EDIOP-2.3.4-15-2016-00005: “Development of crop production and livestock production technologies adapted to climate change for sustainable agriculture and the production of high quality foodstuffs, in an intensive production environment.” (More details…)


Dalmand Zrt.

H-7211 Dalmand,
Felszabadulás u. 42.
Tel: +36/74-539-100
Fax: +36/74-539-115
E-mail: titkarsag@dalmand.bonafarm.hu


János Ádám

Executive Officer

János Ádám

  • Bóly Zrt. – CEO (since 2007)
  • Dalmand Zrt. – CEO (since 2002)
  • Dalmand Zrt. – General deputy CEO (2002-2002)
  • Pick Szeged Zrt., Sole-Mizo Zrt., Fiorács Kft., MCS Vágóhíd Zrt. – Board member

Previous work experience

  • Kossuth Cooperative – Intern, later Head of Mechanisation Division (1989-1992)
  • Hubertus Rt. Agriculture – Technical Lead Engineer (1992-2002)


  • Econovum Academy – MBA
  • Gödöllő University of Agriculture – Agricultural Mechanical Engineering – Licensed mechanical engineer (1984-1989)

Professional advocacy or position in other organisations

  • OTP Health Fund – Member of the Board (since 2015)
  • National Stud Farm Zrt. – Member of the Board (since 2016)
  • Foundation of The University of Veterinary Medicine – Member of Supervisory Board (since 2021)


  • Honorary Associate docent – Szent István University (2014)
  • Honorary Associate docent – University of Kaposvár (2015)


Ferenc Bernhardt
Director of Technical and Strategic Development

Ferenc Bernhardt

  • Director of Technical and Strategic Development

András Bíró
Head of Fishing, Forestry, Hunting Division

András Bíró

  • Bóly, Dalmand Zrt. – Head of Crop Production and Technical Division, Head of Fishing, Forestry and Hunting Division (since 2018)
  • Rem-Bó Kft. – Managing Director (since 2016)

Previous work experience

  • Cooperative of Szalánta – Pig Breeding Manager (1999-2001)
  • Bóly Zrt. – Shift Manager, Livestock breeder (2001-2003)
  • Bóly Zrt. – Site Manager (Csípőtelek, Sátorhely) (2003-2007)
  • Bóly Zrt. – Director of Cattle Breeding Division (2007-2016)


  • Agricultural University of Kolozsvár – Faculty of Livestock Breeding and Biotechnology (1991-1997)

Professional advocacy or positions in other organisations

  • Bonafarm Milk Producing Organisation Kft. – Managing Director (since 2017)


Ferenc Róbert Mátyus

Head of
Pig Breeding

Ferenc Róbert Mátyus

  • Dalmand Zrt. – Head of Pig Breeding (since 2017)
  • Galina Investment Kft. – Managing Director (since 2017) 

Previuos work experience

  • Baekgaard Farm, Dánia – Site Manager (2008 – 2015)
  • Dalmand Zrt. – Boar Farm Manager (2015)
  • Bóly Zrt. – Head of Pig Breeding (2015-2017)


  • TSF- MVK – Agricultural Engineer for Environmental Management (2003 – 2007)
  • University of Kaposvár – Livestock Breeding Engineer MSC (2016-2018)

Professional advocacy or positions in other organisations

  • Student Council of Sámuel Tessedik College – Chairman (2004-2007)


  • Awards for the Student of Tessedik College – Rectorial Council of Sámuel Tessedik College (2007)

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