Cattle breeding

Our cattle are provided with feed rich in nutrients, with outstanding nutritive parameters, based on individual diets. Our feeding principles and the recipes used are determined in cooperation with the experts of Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Kft. Our cows reward us with premium quality milk in exchange for the up-to-date and caring livestock keeping environment.

This top quality milk goes through a state-of-the-art and strictly controlled production process of Sole-Mizo Zrt, and into many of its products.

Our cattle production is based on more than 6200 cows and 6100 heifers. Our operations take place at Csípőtelek, Ihász, Csót and Marcalgergelyi, while our young heifers and inseminated heifers are reared, at these farms as well as at our young cattle rearing farm at Sátorhely. At Csípőtelek we operate one of Hungary’s, indeed, one of Europe’s most modern, large dairy cow farms, suitable for concentrated cattle keeping, meeting the strictest environmental regulations. Only GMO-free milk is produced at that farm.

Our cow population at Csípőtelek is made up of the practically pure-blood Holstein Friesian breed with a genetic basis qualifying as outstanding by Hungarian standards. In the ranking order by average HGI of cow populations of over 50 heads in Hungary (total number of female animals) Bóly Zrt. ranks 65th among the 330 populations. In the 305 day closed lactation milk production ranking order of populations exceeding 50 cows Csípőtelek is in the 5th place, with an output of 12,769 kg.

We are proud of our 64 gold herd book registered cows who have deserved this honourable title with their lifetime outputs exceeding 100,000 kg.