Poultry division

Besides pork, poultry is another staple raw material in Hungarian cuisine: the consumption of poultry is another indispensable element of a balanced and healthy diet.

Our strategic partner operates a poultry abattoir and manufactures poultry products, with profound technical/professional skills based on long-standing traditions as the poultry processing factory in Szentes was launched as far back as in 1922. The company’s main products include primarily processed whole and cut poultry, highly processed fried products and roast duck products.

11 million
broiler ducks
21 million
broiler chicken
35 countries
exports to 3

Our strategic partner processes a total of 87,000 tonnes of poultry – 21 million broiler chickens, 11 million broiler ducks and 300,000 broiler geese – a year, manufacturing 66,000 tonnes of finished products, is selling its own and private label products on the domestic market at all levels from the smallest retail units to the largest chain stores. They export their products to 35 different countries, which accounts for nearly half of the company’s total sales turnover.