Agricultural Laboratory

Bóly Zrt. has, as a member of Bonafarm Mezőgazdaság, been providing laboratory services (formerly under the name “Advisory Service Station”, a function currently performed by the Mohács Agricultural Laboratory. The institution was transferred to Mohács in 2001 from Pécs-Danicpuszta to occupy a modern refurbished building enabling the enhancement of the laboratory operations and continuously improve quality, as an accredited laboratory.

Our laboratory provides services in agriculture and food processing, with the best available state-of-the art equipment and methods. Work according to the standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025 is certified by successful accreditation audits and we also participate in organised domestic and international collaborative studies and interlaboratory tests with good results.

As part of laboratory development, we have deployed cutting-edge automated systems that allow us to perform large volumes of strictly controlled measurements. The expertise of our technicians, their regular continued training in Hungary and abroad, as well as our instruments of European standards, guarantee precise and reliable analytical results for our customers.

We perform a wide range of tests and analyses, including

  • physical, chemical and mycotoxin tests of foodstuffs (wheat, maize and soybean groats, soybean products),
  • physical, chemical and mycotoxin tests of feeds (input materials, feed products, mixes, roughage),
  • physical and chemical tests of soils, soil tests for the purposes of afforestation,
  • fertilisers, slurry and stable manure,
  • yield enhancing materials,
  • water (drinking water, surface and underground waters, wastewater),

are tested and analysed, along with the performance of other (not accredited but validated, along with individually determined) measurements at our customers requests.

We accept samples for tests together with completed order forms and data sheets on working days between 8:00 and 14:00.

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Bonafarm Mezőgazdaság Mohács Agricultural Laboratory

Address: 7700 Mohács, Budapesti út 21.
Telephone number: +36/20 411 2637 ;  +36/20 411 2609